Real-Time Emergency Response Service

Unfortunately  emergencies of all types happen every day. They happen at schools, hospitals, shopping malls, places of worship, office buildings, indoor/outdoor public events, filling stations and just about every other place imaginable. Unless you deal with these types of events routinely, which most business owners, building managers, hospital and nursing home administrators,  retirement community site managers, clergy, event planners or school administrators do not do, it is  almost impossible to be aware of all that needs to be considered or done during, immediately after and while recovering after an emergency incident. The recovery process can last for weeks, months and years afterwards.  Thats why it is so important to identify in advance, what resources are available that can assist you during this extremely demanding time.

JSR STAR is one of those resources . We not only assist businesses, facility managers, hospitals, places of worship and school administrators with the development of their emergency response planning. We will, at your request respond to your incident to provide support to your organization. We can assist with the...



  • coordination with emergency services and public safety first responders and your staff and site representatives.
  • coordination with the dissemination of information and instructions to employees and staff during the event.
  • coordination with the communication of information to employee families and love-ones.
  • coordination with the the management of students at school facilities during emergency events.
  • coordination with the communications with parents and guardians of students/youth in your care during an event.
  • coordination with the management of patients resident in medical facilities during an event.
  • coordination with the management and control of large crowds or populations during an event.
  • coordination with press releases and the news media during an event.
  • coordination with securing and contacting additional resources to better manage your incident.
  • coordination with many other activities too numerous to list here.

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