Emergency Action and Response Planning Services for Farms and Agritourism Facilities


All Farms and Agritourism programs need to be as prepared as reasonably possible when it comes to their emergency action planning and response. With the use of employed farm staff as well as the presence of public visitors to farms as the result of tours, stores and other open to the public farm programs, it is more important then ever for farm owners to be prepared for whatever type of non-planned incidents that may occur.


In todays world it takes trained and experienced professional planners to meet the response demands of the broad types of situations and emergencies that can present themselves on the farm.


JSR STAR can meet those demands. We provide experienced professionals with years of exposure working with human resource management as well in emergency planning and emergency response positions.


  • We make sure that you, your family and your farm staff are as prepared as reasonably possible for virtually any type of employee related situation and any type of emergency that may arise.
  • We offer assistance in emergency planning and training for you, your family members and staff.
  • We offer practical and functional exercises to familiarize everyone working on the farm with your emergency plan.
  • We offer assistance in hiring, training, discipline and administrative oversight of personnel.
  • We can assist with identifying, applying for and securing funds from grants and other funding programs.

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